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Oyaide SRBN banana plug - New!

Oyaide Carbon Fiber Head Shell - New!!


Oyaide new 20A Beryllium copper Receptacle is now available!

A must have item in any high-end euiqpment power clain!


* Polished Beryllium copper

* Paradium on Platinum plating contact

* Heavy duty tripe-wipe contacts

* Body made of PBT with the glass filler

* 24K Gold plated brass band


Our latest MTB-6 power distributor with Beyllium copper R1 receptacles


Oyaide new C004/P004 Beryllium copper US/IEC plug is the latest addition in the family of Oyaide plug! 2nd to the flagship model F1/M1, it is probably our best plug under S$200. 

Oyaide has also introduced a series of 20A IEC plug to meet the growing demand.

 Oyaide Flaghip F1/M1 Beryllium plug - TRY IT NOW!


The flaghip Oyaide F1/M1 plugs was awarded in Japan!  

Hifi Review (HK) magazine has also awarded  the Best Value Product of the Year 2007 in Hong Kong.

A plug that cost about $400 each is awarded as Best Value of the Year?! It must be a joke, right?!


When we explore & spent thousand & million of dollars on  hi-end equipement gear in the serach of excellence & refinement, we should be attentive to detail!

It is not about how much we gain from a Oyaide plug but how much we loose when  an inferior contact is in place in our power supply chain!

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