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Manufacturers web site:

Acoustic Energy - British Designed Speaker

Accustic Arts - German Made Electronic & Speaker

AET - Japan made High End cable & accessories

Acoustic Revive - Japan Tweak & Accessories

Acrolink - Japan High End Cables

Audio Replas - Japan high end audio accessories

Aurelia - Finland made slimline speaker

Aurender - Korean High End music server

Brodmann Acoustic - High end Austria made speaker 

Copulare - German made customized high end rack & accessories

Cryo Audio Technology - Japanese cryo fuse and accessories

CSE Japan - Japan power accessories

Entreq - Sweden Ground Boxes and accessories

HFX - Austria high end music server and ripper

Kojo Seiko - Japanese made high end Power accessories

Kripton - Japanese made insulator and cable accessories

Kryna - Japan made insulator and tuning feet

Lansche Audio - German State of Art Speaker with plasma tweeter

Nanotec System - Japanese made highe end accessories & cables

Madison Audio Lab - A new breed cable brand created by Matthew Bond

Mimetism - French Design/Swiss Made amplifier & CD player

Millennium - German analog & digital carbon faber accessories

MSB Technology - USA made state of art DAC & electronic for both Audiophile & CAS users

Mola Mola - One of the most innovative approach for amp and electronics from Netherland 

Musica - Japan made headphone amplifier, USB DAC, tube buffer

Octave - German Made Tube Amplifier

Oyaide - Japan Cable & Accessories

Parasound - USA amplifier & electronic - HIgh end performance at a realistic price range

Phasemation - Japan High End electonics, phono amp & MC cartridge

PMC - British High End Speaker 

SAEC - Japanese made high end cables & accessories

Shelter - Japanese made MM/MC cartridges and accessories

TAOC - Japan Equipment Support

Torus - Canadia Made hiend power regulator

Vivid Audio - State of Art Speakers designed by Laurence Dickie

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Appointed Dealers:


Audio Basic - Acrolink, Acoustic Energy, Acoustic Revive, Aurelia, Oyaide, Millennium, Parasound, TAOC,Zonotone 

Sound Affair - Oyaide 



Washington Audio - Acrolink, Oyaide

Happy Audio & Visual - Acoustic Revive, Madison Lab




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